Bleed, Everyone's Doing It


Hello, is this thing on? Are you listening to me?
I need roughly a million people to help assemble a brilliant rebel army
Take all division from religion and just throw it out
Whatever you believe you’re welcome here-now let me tell you what it’s all about

Bleed, Everybody bleeds
The same as you and me
Pour and mix our lives together and flow into the streets

Are you still with me? Am I making myself clear?
Don’t get distracted by the puppet show of politicians
They put one on every single year
Take all excuses your fear produces and line ‘em up in a row
We’re gonna execute them, then salute them and let our courage grow

At the end of the day we all share the same consequence
Nobody is immune to death or the taste of our own ignorance
All across the globe it's deafening (everybody knows)
All existence clear your throat and sing (everybody knows)

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