Low Fidelity


Wish I could hold you up in my arms
Keep you safe and sound from any harm
I can't seem to function from this far away
and every little moment looks so dull without your color in my day

Oh, it feels so good to hear you speak

This is where I start to miss you more than I can bare
I hate this distance in between us, I don't think it's fair
All my time spent wondering, how to stay true to you
But you're not here, and now I fear I'll never get back to you

Would have carried you to anywhere you please
Even if my limbs were broken and my body was diseased
I can't seem to operate from this far away
and there's a million little voices telling me I should've stayed

My blood aches from trying to make you appear
Oh, it's such an awful sight to just see me in the mirror

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