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What's up everybody? Figured we were about due for an update! So as you guys know we're starting to gear up for this upcoming tour here in a few weeks. We're so excited to be out with Tyler Hilton, AM Taxi, and the New Politics. Make sure you go over to our website ( and our myspace ( and see the dates and go buy your tix, some of the shows are already filling up so make sure you get on that! We are so so pumped to see you guys, you'll be able to come out and we will make sure we meet each and every one of you...


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Frequently Asked Questions
By. The Spill Canvas

1. Q: Why didn't you play my favorite song?

A: Due to the time constraints of a set, it is physically impossible for us to play every single song in our catalog. The more we tour, however, we will try and mix up our setlist to get as big a variety as possible. We will always combine a mix of old and new in our sets.

2. Q: When are you guys coming to (insert city, state)?


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We've spent the past few days shooting some new photos and filming a new music video for "Gateway Drug." They're coming out great, and we cant wait till they get to you!
LA is awesome, thoroughly enjoying the warm temperatures. We've been hitting up the hot tub every day...can't beat it!
We start the recording process tomorrow. We're very excited to get this thing wrapped up so we can get on the road and start playing some shows. I'll check in in a few days and update you all on the recording process.

Abnormalities Released Today!

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Hey Spill Fans!!!

Today we’re happy to announce that you can buy 3 of our new songs which together make up “Abnormalities”!! You can get these tunes digitally from both iTunes and our website for only $3.96.

For an added bonus, get the special limited edition CD and t-shirt bundled with the digital tracks exclusively at The Spill Canvas Store for a cool $10! We’re extremely excited to finally have some new songs to pass along to you and this is just the beginning. It’s 2010. The Spill is back!!!

A happy new year to you and all of yours,

The Spill Canvas


Ahhhh Friday again. You guys get first dibs! Enjoy!

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