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Frequently Asked Questions
By. The Spill Canvas

1. Q: Why didn't you play my favorite song?

A: Due to the time constraints of a set, it is physically impossible for us to play every single song in our catalog. The more we tour, however, we will try and mix up our setlist to get as big a variety as possible. We will always combine a mix of old and new in our sets.

2. Q: When are you guys coming to (insert city, state)?

A: Up to date tour dates are always on our website and myspace, and as soon as we confirm dates of any kind, that's the first place they'll be. We try hard to make it to as many cities as possible!

3. Q: What do you guys do in your spare time in South Dakota?

A: Basically all our spare time is spent working on music, watching exciting sporting matchups, and the occasional video game. Needless to say we just try to relax and not get into trouble when we're home. :)

4. Q: What are some of your favorite bands that you have toured with?

A: We've toured with way too many amazing bands to mention all of them, but just to name a few we've thoroughly enjoyed our time touring with OneRepublic, Steel Train, Mae, Motion City Soundtrack, and Treaty of Paris.

5. Q: Do you guys still get along after spending so much time together on and off tour?

A: Yes we still get along great. We always said when all this started that we would never let anything get in the way of our friendship, and that still holds true to this day.

6. Q: What's it like being a semi-successful rock band?

A: Not much has changed from when we were a completely unknown band out of South Dakota. We still are incredibly passionate about writing and playing music and will stop at nothing to continue doing so for as long as possible.

7. Q: Do you know any famous people?

A: Nope...except Flo Rida and Chris Kirkpatrick

8. Q: Why don't you guys write any acoustic songs anymore?

A: We have, since the beginning, believed in musical evolution and always trying to push our music into realms we've yet to tap into. In doing so, naturally we try to avoid writing the same kind of song twice. We believe that's one of the only ways to keep pushing yourself as musicians and songwriters.

9. Q: Can you guys play my/our wedding?

A: Our relentless touring and writing schedule usually prevents us from being able to play and/or attend weddings (even our own family's)

10. Q: What kinds of food do you guys eat on tour?

A: Pizza is probably our favorite food all around. In every city we travel to, we always try to find the local pizza and devour it

11. Q: Do you guys really personally update your social networking sites?

A: Yes, we do. It is a priority of ours to remain connected to you guys in as many ways as possible. We're lucky to have so many avenues to stay in touch with you these days!

12. Q: Who stays together when you guys share rooms?

A: Nick and Joe usually room together, while Dan and Landon usually bunk up (they're the night owls.)

13. Q: Where can I get guitar tabs for ______?

A: We currently don't have any guitar tabs up on our page. When we were growing up as musicians we always tried to learn songs ourselves without tabs, as it forces you to get to know your instrument much better.

14. Q: What are each of your favorite movies?

A: Goodfellas, Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom, Aladdin, Boondock Saints

15. Q: When do we get to hear new tunes?

A: We've been working really hard this past year to try and get out as much new material as possible. Trust us, as soon as we are able to, you will have new music!
16. Q: Can you guys wish my girlfriend, sister, brother, mother, father, etc. a happy birthday?

A: If you happen to catch us walking around before a show, ask us then! We have terrible memories.

17. Q: What kind of gear do you guys rock?

A: Nick, Dan, and Landon all play Ernie Ball strings, Fender guitars, Bogner, New Vintage, and Ampeg SVT Amps. Joe plays DW drums, Istanbul cymbals, Vater sticks and Evans heads.

18. Q: Do you guys believe in the 2012 apocalypse occurring?

A: We believe that there's more pressing issues to worry about about!

19. Q: What's your least favorite thing about being on tour?

A: We call it a disposable life. When you're out on the road, everything is disposable. From shampoo bottles to hotel bedding, everything is temporary and disposable. It gets old after living under such circumstances for extended periods of time.

20. Q: What are some of your favorite places that you have ever been?

A: Touring in Europe was indescribable. Some of our favorite cities to play worldwide are Brussels, London, New York, Toronto, Denver, LA, Paris, Amsterdam...the list could go on.

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