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Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that we have officially joined the world of Twitter! You can now cyber follow us and check out our various musings, ramblings and tweets at !! Follow us now!

UK Tour Contest Winner!

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Thanks so much to everyone that entered our UK Tour Contest! As you can tell from our blogs and photos, we had an AMAZING time in the UK thanks to all our awesome UK fans out there- we miss you guys!! Reading through your stories was really fun, you guys have had some crazy adventures! We picked marigold to win because we really loved her story and the way it was written. Joe was crying by paragraph #3 and had to leave the room. Seriously though there were so many great ones, just another reminder of how awesome and unique our fans are!!

A Message from Coach Ferguson...

Happy St. Patty's!

Hey Spill Fans! There are a lot of fun things that happen every year during St. Patty's Day. In Illinois they dye the Chicago River green, all over America the fine folks at McDonald's make a fancy green shamrock shake, and this year we The Spill Canvas are going to give you a free t-shirt just because we love you. We've had a pretty lucky year going on some great tours, hanging out in the UK so we decided to spread the luck by offering our green Outdoors tee for free tomorrow!More After the Jump...


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Hey guys! This being the last day of our tour in the UK, we'd like to celebrate the great time we've had by making this a special edition of Photo Friday with a bunch of photos!! Hope you like them. Happy Friday!

UK Tour Blog- 3/12

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Portsmouth, England- Today was a great day. When we woke up, Nick and I walked to a pier 10 minutes away from our hotel and saw a lot of awesome boats, as Portsmouth is the home of England's Navy. The venue was right on the southern border of England so we were right on the water. It was great to feel the ocean breeze and relax on the beach for a little bit. We also whipped out a soccer ball (excuse me, football) and got to run around for a little bit, it was great! I'll never be able to get used to the architecture out here, it's absolutely stunning.

Dan in UK

UK Tour Blog- 3/10

3/10/09 - Newcastle, England: Hello kids! We are just rolled into Newcastle on the big island of England and we our gearing up for our show! So far our time over seas has truly been amazing! Everyone has been super nice to us and all the fans have made the shows incredible. Right now Landon and I are just hanging out in the dressing room at the O2 Academy talking about life. Nick and Joe went to go walk about the streets of Newcastle. Last night we were in the Scottish town of Glasgow. It was super sweet! We started our day with a beautifully scenic drive out of Scotland.

UK Tour Blog- 3/9

3/09/08 - Glasgow, Scotland...Scotland has some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen in my life. The green, rolling hills are in indescribable. Sheep graze the hills without a care in the world. The shows have been going so well, way beyond our expectations. The crowds have been so receptive and are making us feel quite at home here. Our sets are only 30 minutes, less than half of what a typical headlining set would be, so when we hit that last note ever night, we're kind of left wondering, is that it? We are loving it over here though, the architecture will blow your mind.


Hey everyone! As you can tell from our blogs and pics we’re tearin’ it up in the UK this week. We’ll be picking up some extra special souvenirs along our trip and one lucky winner will receive our bastion of Big Ben chotchkes and Union Jack keychains or whatever other more fun things we find along our way. All you have to do to enter is post a blog about the best trip you’ve ever taken to our site! More details after the jump...

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