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Greetings fellow humans. I hope all is well wherever you are in the world reading these very words. Currently we are dabbling in a bit of globetrotting across the pond with our English/American friends. The band YouMeAtSix and Emarosa are great people so check out their music when you find the time. For those of you lovely faces that have made it to the two shows we've played so far, we send our thanks and we hope you had a blast as we did.

We have Arrived...

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We just arrived in Birmingham, England a few hours ago. It is grey, cold, and wet; a typical day in England. We had our first show last night in Bristol. It was such a great show. The crowd was quite enthusiastic and the other bands were fun to be with. It's still quite strange coming several thousand miles away from home and still having that loyal crowd that knows all the words. I'll never be able to full get used to that, we are a lucky group of guys.

Writing and Soundproofing

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Writing Update

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I thought I'd take this lovely, yet disturbingly cold day to update you on the latest Spill happenings. We have locked ourselves away in a house in South Dakota determined to write the best record of our lives. We are approaching the 2 month mark of writing so we are really starting to get some great songs out of this machine...
We are more excited than we ever have been about the beginning stages of the record-construction process. As soon as we have any sort of morsels for you to dig your teeth into, trust that they will be made available for your consumption.

Photo Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Here's this week's photo:

And the winner is...

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We were so touched by your video, we wanted to help give you and T.J. a Happy Valentine's Day.
Thank you Amanda!
Check out Amanda & T.J.'s Valentine from us after the fold!

Happy Valentine's Day...

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Wow. The videos you guys sent in for our Valentine's Day contest are seriously so amazing. This is yet another example of what great people our fans are. Thanks to every one of you that submitted a video for this- you are all incredibly brave for pouring your hearts out to us and all our website patrons!! More after the jump...

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